Final Update

UPDATE - 7/10/2019

UPDATE - 6/2019


At this point we have few options.


The strongest option is to install an active soil nail system - basically drilling into the hill until they hit bedrock, and then tightening the "nails". This will pull the wall back toward the hill. The  concrete blocks  around the nails and the entire wall can then be covered with concrete.


Most likely we will have to work with town on a concrete design - they just don't want a bare concrete wall. Most likely we can stain the concrete as it is being mixed, and if wanted, or needed, we can also stamp the concrete.

This is a very large project. We have to think about costs, insurance, and timing. At this point there are more, old railroad ties breaking loose from the lower wall. We also have to think about the house above. With the help from the engineers we believe we are on the right track. 

Here is more information:

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Tieback Example

Capital Renovations Budget

Retaining Wall Budget Breakdown

2017 Update

Photos before CB Lodging completed temporary repairs.

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